The wolves are hunting, but they're short sighted.
They can hardly see their prey, so they must rely on the sounds that the prey makes when it runs away. Each additional step the wolf takes in a turn increases the area in which it is heard, and at the end of the turn, all the prey in the area to which the sound propagated will run away from the wolf.

3D models - Elyahu Shenkar

Sound effect - Eshed Shaham

Credits for sounds:

wolf run - sabotovat (CC BY 3.0)
running through leaves - carlovan19 (CC0 1.0)
scary night at forest - serop2012 (CC BY-NC 3.0)
wolf howl - cgeffex (CC BY 3.0)
snoring dog sound - cdangels (CC BY 3.0)
breaking bones - apolloaiello (CC BY 3.0)
eating flesh - xdimebagx (CC BY 3.0)